Ancient  Healing Technique

Scheduling a foot detox bath,  a foot sugar scrub and a foot massage with Reflexology is a powerful combination

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Makes Feet Healthier

If you are suffering from foot and leg discomfort like leg cramps, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, swollen ankles, knee pain, or leg length imbalance; foot massage could be the answer for you.  This stand alone therapy allows more focused time where it counts and is not just an addition to a full body massage. Try it TODAY and see what a difference foot massage can make in your overall health and wellness.

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Relieves Aches & Pains

Reflexology can help treat different types of pains and aches, such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper backaches.

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Restless Leg Syndrome​

Reflexology is also helpful in treating restless leg syndrome, a kind of neurological disorder. Restless leg syndrome can cause difficulty sleeping due to the unpleasant sensations like throbbing, pulling and the urge to move your legs.

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I​mproper footwear like tight shoes hamper normal circulation in the feet. Foot massage will also stimulate the lymphatic system and ​help prevent varicose veins.